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Welcome to the McBride Collection of Stories! As you check out our new website from month to month, you'll notice our large selection of books. We have books for children of all ages. We are focused on introducing basic knowledge and fundamental values to our readers. At the same time, we will entertain, challenge, and inspire children, educators, and parents. 



Whether you're searching for a book about math or a family trip to the park, if you need a


reference book to further your child's education or you just want to laugh and be entertained,


McBride Collection of Stories is your one-stop bookstore. Find out more about our


products right here!



Our company has created a collection of stories that are focused on providing positive images for all readers.


McBride Collection of Stories will motivate, entertain, inspire, and teach both children and educators. These stories are focused on teaching and explaining the basics and fundamentals in life. The collection will provide a stronger foundation for all readers.


Through entertaining and informative stories, the collection will replace negativity and underachievement with productivity and hope.



We look forward to meeting you!



Mission Statement

We pledge to do our part in giving the world a positive change.

We will nurture, shape, and build our babies brains.


Parents and educators must be on the same page.

We will both be accountable for our children’s grades.


We will teach them the fundamentals in life; all of the basics.

We will locate the source of negativity and erase it.


They will learn that they are free; that they have no limits.

They will demand respect and know how to give it.


They will learn about families and how they stick together.

They will build friendships that last forever.


They will learn love and honesty; they will learn about giving.

They will learn about diets, exercise, and healthy living.


They will learn about animals, shapes, and colors.

They will never need to feel inferior to others.


They will want to see new places, and travel the world.

They will start their own business, whether they are a boy or a girl.


They will not have to yell because they carefully use their words.

They will master the use of nouns, adjectives, and verbs.


They will know the difference between right and wrong.

They will feel comfortable dancing or singing a song.


They will know the value of hard work; how to plan and save.

They will stand up to negativity and be brave.


They will be happy for others when they succeed.

They will know that they all have the ability to lead.


They will work day and night to make the world a better place.

They will know we are all the same regardless of religion or race.


To make the world a better place, there is only one solution.

To obey this pledge, empower our babies, and start a revolution!

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